By Jamie Smith

A chimpanzee had his leg pulled by a cheeky pal during playtime in the jungle.

Pic by Quentin Pignard/Caters News

Former estate agent Quentin, 27, from the south of France photographed the tussle at the Chimpanzee Conservation Center, in Guinea.

Quentin Pignard who wants to work in animal protection, watched chimps Noel and Bailo on daily bush walks with the nursery group while volunteering at the CCC for six months.

Pic by Quentin Pignard/Caters News

Quentin said: “Once I got back to camp and I looked through my pictures I saw this one and realised it was a good shoot.

“As funny as it is, it’s normal behaviour for chimpanzees when they play and I feel lucky that I managed to capture it.

Pic by Quentin Pignard/Caters News

“I was taking pictures of the chimps playing but since they move a lot, it’s hard to have a good focus so I’m glad I got something to make people laugh.”