By Sophie Norris

A mum-of-three has revealed the adorable letter her 11-year-old daughter asked for ‘the meatiest meal’ before turning vegan the next day – and demanded ‘please respect my decision as I think it’s right for me’.

Becky Robinson, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, discovered the letter, written by ‘headstrong’ Casey, propped on her iPad in her daughter’s joined-up handwriting last Tuesday (May 2).


After doing her research, the primary school pupil donated an extra £14 of her own pocket money towards the weekly shop to stock up on chia and flax seeds and went without roast beef the next day.

However just two days later, Casey discovered her new diet meant she couldn’t eat butter on her toast so swiftly told her mum she might just be vegetarian after all.

The full letter reads: “Dear mum, today is my last day of being a carnivore. I have decided to become a vegan.

“Please respect my decision as I think it’s right for me.

“Please can we have the meatiest tea tonight as my last meat meal lol. From Casey.”


Becky, 35, said: “At first when I read the first line saying ‘today is my last day of being a carnivore’, I wasn’t shocked because I didn’t even know what a carnivore was.

“I woke up in the morning and there was this note on my iPad on the bedside table.

“I had absolutely no idea what a carnivore even was and then when I read on I just thought, oh my god, is she for real?

“I told her I didn’t plan on buying any extra food but it was fine if she wanted to.

“I said give me three ideas for meals she would like to eat.

“On Wednesday, I made beef stew, roast potatoes and vegetables. She just had the roast potatoes and some broccoli.


“She said to me she’d come with me to the supermarket and went off for a little while, then when she came back she’d bought chia seeds and flax seeds.

“It cost £14 in total – I couldn’t believe it. I said ‘what have you just spent?'”

Casey is a big fan of YouTube and regularly learns about new trends online, so Becky says it wasn’t a surprise to hear of her daughter’s latest idea.

When four days had passed, Becky started to realise her daughter might be serious about being vegetarian after all but claims she doesn’t mind as long as she stays healthy.

Becky said: “My husband Graham [37] said we need to talk her out of it but I just said leave her and it won’t last for five minutes.

“But it was Monday morning when I found the note and by Thursday, she came into my room before school and said ‘I think I’m going to be vegetarian because I can’t have butter on my toast.

“She’s never really mentioned it before – it’s typical of Casey.


“She’s bright and when she gets a new idea, she’ll research it and look into it properly.

“When my family asked why she wanted to be a vegan, she knew everything about it.

“She decided to be a vegan because, like most of her decisions, she had watched a YouTube video.

“She’s actually got her own YouTube channel where she does contouring videos, which she picked up on there.

“She’s probably picked it up from the video Family Fizz because they’re all vegan, and I thought ‘actually, I agree with what she’s saying’ – until she had to put it into practice.

“Casey is funny and very mature with the things she comes out with. She’s just so headstrong and interested in learning new things really.”