By Becca Husselbee

A monkey, caught on camera, is seen clutching her baby and shows the true reality of nature.

Avinash Lodhi, a photographer from Jabalphur, India, snapped the monkey back in April and was at the park taking pictures of birds when she came across something unexpected.

Avinash, 31, said: “When I was returning I suddenly saw a group of monkeys rushing here and there. I decided to sit down and watch their activities.

I wanted to capture some pictures of them, even though I was losing light, but I managed to capture this.”

The image shows the monkey clutching the baby in her arms and Avinash said: “this picture is very close to my heart because throughout my entire photography career I have never seen anything like this.”

The pictures were taken in Madhya Pradesh, and Avinash, who is a professional photographer, said she was very lucky to capture the image.

Avinash said: “It was so quick I didn’t even know what was happening when I took the picture but as soon as I confirmed the image I was silent for an hour.”

This moment is rare, especially with animals.”

Avinash has made future plans to capture more wildlife photographs and to attend some of India’s well known events, such as the festival Holi of Vrindavan.