Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

A brave little buffalo decided to show one massive elephant who was boss by chasing after it.

Financial Advisor Andrew Cohen, 29, filmed the hilarious run around while on safari at Kruger Park in South Africa.

An elephant several times the size of a rampaging baby buffalo was caught by surprise when the calf left its mother’s side to usher the neighbour away.

Andrew said: “We were going for our late afternoon drive while taking it very slowly when we came up to a reservoir and decided to stop and watch for a while.

“We saw a buffalo cow walking out from behind the bush towards the waterhole, and in tow was her brand new little calf following diligently behind her.

“We then noticed the Ellie coming from the left-hand side towards the mom and baby buffalo. It seemed as if he wanted to interact with them both, but this baby wasn’t having any of it!

“As soon as the young buffalo caught glimpse of the elephant, he charged towards him and had the Ellie pedalling backward and trumpeting.

“It was a very special sighting to see because he could have easily hurt that baby buffalo. It was almost as though he sensed that this was an innocent newborn and that it didn’t mean any harm.

“Initially, we were shocked because we thought the calf was going to be crushed by the elephant, but as it all unfolded, our emotions turned to laughter because of the fact that the elephant just wanted to get away from this little guy.

“The sighting ended when the elephant ran away into the bush, and the cow and calf also went their separate ways.

“This must be the best sighting I have ever had in my life. You don’t get to see things like this often at all.

“It was an amazing highlight as we couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the holiday”.