Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott

This is LEGO like you have never seen it before.

Albertino Tam, 40, from Hong Kong, decided to painstakingly make a CAMERA out of the popular children’s toy.

The contraption uses Fuji Instax Mini film and works like the vintage TLR camera.

Pic by Albertino Tam/Caters News 

A white Lego door hides the eject button and, when pressed, an instant picture appears out of the top.

And due to popular demand, Albertino is now selling his amazing creations.

He said: “It all started when I saw my neighbour throwing away a bag of Lego and I suddenly got a random idea to combine the Lego with instant photography.

“I imaged an ejection system placed behind the Lego and a vintage twin lens in the front.

Pic by Albertino Tam/Caters News

“Over the next few weeks I gave the idea more thought until I actually ordered my first box of Lego.

“I love to sell these cameras to the public, it helps more people to appreciate the beauty of film photography.

Pic by Albertino Tam/Caters News 

“Most people are amazed when they find out it’s a working camera, and always comment that the world looks different through the view finder, more pure and peaceful.

“It’s also a way of escaping electronic devices and emerging back into the world of analogue photography, but in a playful way.”

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