Amazing Video

By Jamie Smith

Watch as these dare devil base jumpers leap of a cliff edge.

Pic by Tim Howell/Caters News

Tim Howell, 27, from Somerset, and his friends climbed the ‘The Vase’ in the famous canyon Gorge de la Jonte, in the South of France earlier this year.

The team of jumpers tackled the vertical climb before leaping off the top and landing back down on the uncertain terrain below.

As well as setting up cameras on tripods in the surrounding area, Tim captured the jump on a drone and a GoPro, enabling him to put together the nail biting footage.

Tim, who is in the Royal Marines, said: “We were out that day to teach base jumping to one of our friends.

Pic by Tim Howell/Caters New

“I had visited the same area eight years ago and had climbed this feature, but I knew I wanted to return to jump off it so it was great to finish the project.

“In particular I love the drone shot as it circles around and you see how precarious the location really is.

Pic by Tim Howell/Caters News

“There is one cliff in the video that you can see, and the only way to the top is to climb it, my aim is to return next year to conquer it.”