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rooster fight

By Bilal Kuchay

Visuals show a bizarre incident in an Indian village where hundreds of people gather and watch a traditional rooster fight.

In Dibrugarh, a district in the Indian state of Assam, villagers gather during the annual ‘Bihu Festival’ or Spring festival and watch one of their favourite traditional sports.

The disturbing visuals show the appalling scenes as owners of the birds affixing sharp blades on the legs of the birds before pitching them for the battle.

They hoot and clap in sheer joy as one bird takes over the other.

“The cock fighting is one of the favourite past time for people here during the Bihu festival” said a local.

The festival has been celebrated in Assam since ancient times with people taking part in many activities during runs for a week.

Even though thousand of rupees are placed as bets during the fight but the winner is not given any prize money.

“No prize money is given to the winner. The winner keeps both the roosters after the fight,” he said.

But the sport has been facing flak by animal rights activist who have raised demands to ban it as they think it is inhumane to pitch birds for a battle.