By David Aspinall

This partying parrot turns up when Bruno Mars plays by dancing down on the top of his cage.

As soon as 24K Magic starts playing, Henry the hardcore bird begins to sign along with the lyrics squawking “carrot” out loud.

When the chorus drops, the five-year-old African Congo Grey head bangs along with the beat as owner Shannon Travis cheers him on.

Feeling the rhythm, Henry hooks the top bars of his cage with his beak, swings his feet up to latch on and bounces from side to side while inverted.

Shannon, from Murphysboro, Illinois, USA, said: “Henry absolutely loves to sing and dance.

“His personality is off the chain.

“He makes everybody laugh as sometimes he pretends to be different animals by meowing or barking.

“Despite never seeing one, Henry clucks like a chicken at times.”