Animals Video

By Sophie Norris

A crafty dog owner has created the perfect trick to tire out his hyperactive puppy – by duping the poor dog into chasing a bone in circles in his garden that is always out of reach.


Adam Curtis, 30, was left exasperated after French Bulldog Pug-cross or ‘frug’ Stanley still wanted more attention even after a long walk when he wanted to sunbathe.

So the creative producer and his wife Sharlie came up with an ingenious way to exercise their dog with zero effort – tying a bone on a string to his harness and looping it round a large circular garden feature.

Hilarious footage shows the one-year-old puppy running relentlessly round in circles for 15 MINUTES in a bid to catch the bone, which remains always two feet in front of him.


Stanley was left so exhausted by the prank that he collapsed fast asleep moments later – and Adam caught his subsequent snoring on camera too.

Adam, from Birkenhead, in the Wirral, said: “We’d been at my mum and dad’s house one afternoon and Stanley was being his usual playful self, wanting to play catch.

“After a while, I just wanted to relax so I said to my wife, ‘I’ve got a really funny idea. Why don’t I just wrap some string to it and attach it to his harness?’

“At first we tried it with a piece of string but it was too far away from him so we used a longer piece.

“It was hilarious watching him go round and round for that long.

“He was just running around and didn’t even get wise to it until after 15 minutes.


“He even tried to change direction and chase it the other way but that obviously didn’t work either.

“Stanley couldn’t see over the brick wall of the circle so he was running around chasing it. He did cotton on in the end though.”

As Stanley lives with just Adam and Sharlie, he enjoys getting all their attention and going for long walks.

Adam said: “He was knackered. He’s really playful but he was definitely a bit out of puff after that.

“I just thought I’d do it because I knew he’d fall for it. He’s really silly.


“We gave him the bone back in the end – he definitely works for his food!

“Stanley’s only one-year-old and is full of beans, so we could take him for a two mile walk and he’d want to go for four miles.

“He likes a lot of attention and is really loving. He’ll come and jump on the bed and wake you up by licking your face.”

“It was hilarious seeing him running around but I don’t think he’d fall for it again.”