By Sarah Francis

An adorable pup will become a therapy dog despite being DEAF AND BLIND.

Perfect pooch Ruby won’t be stop, even without two sense, the one-year-old completed her basic training to help humans in need.


Ruby was adopted by Erin Baxter, 40, last year after the mum of three spotted her at the local rescue centre.

The Louisiana Catahoula leopard was a hit with the family and they realised her calming nature would make her the best therapeutic pup.

Having aced the first stage of the certification, Ruby will spend the summer working at summer camps with kids.


Erin from Wimauma, Florida, said: “It was her personality as even though she was disabled she overcame it.

“Most people don’t notice she is deaf and blind cause of the way she carries herself.

“People are completely amazed, she doesn’t get startled, it’s just normal for her.

“She has this habit of leaning into people, it’s very comforting.

“She finds your lap, and she has this way about her.


“People can benefit from seeing her and how her situation doesn’t stop her. ”

Trainer Rick Card at Tampa Bay K-9 Solution taught Ruby to respond to pressure commands so that by touching certain parts of her body he was able to communicate signals.

In April, she achieved Canine Good Citizen and will hopefully complete the second half of the certification in December, allowing her to be fully qualified therapy dog.

Erin added: “We have other dogs but this was the first time I had thought of putting them into therapy training.

“We have to adapt slightly for Ruby, for example she has to walk on a leash and we have a vibration collar as she can’t hear my commands.

“But she does walk cautiously, it’s like she has a radar. She will be running around the house and you think something is going to trip her up but she moves right before she hits it.

“She’s very clever, it’s pretty neat.”