clouds formation

By Kim Reader

A dad’s snap has breathed life into the idea that ‘big brother is watching’ – as he captured the moment a giant eye formed in the clouds.

The real-life iCloud was spotted looming over Leeds, Yorks, on Wednesday (May 3) by facilities manager Graham Telford, 46, who is always on the look-out for the peculiar.


Since snapping the eye in the sky, dad-of-two Graham has shared the striking image of clouds formation with friends and fellow cloud watchers sparking speculation that it is the ‘eye of god’ or proof of government surveillance.

Although he doesn’t believe in conspiracies or an all-seeing being, Graham said he couldn’t help feeling like ‘he was being watched’ while photographing the unusual formation.

Graham, of Leeds, Yorks, said: “I have never seen anything like it before. These clouds just formed the perfect shape of an eye – right down to the eyebrow. It was amazing.

“I don’t personally believe in someone up there looking down on us but when I saw this I definitely felt like someone was watching us.

“People I’ve shown it to have made comments about how it’s proof big brother is watching us while others have said it’s god’s eye watching over us.


“Quite a few people have had slightly different interpretations but all along the same lines.”

While in his garden with some friends, Graham had spotted a couple of lenticular clouds, lens-shaped clouds that he has been lucky enough to photograph a few times in the past.

But within a couple of minutes the wind had whisked the rare formations into the even more unusual eye shape, which Graham says vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

Although he is no stranger to taking eye-catching shots, the dad said this sighting was particularly special.

Graham said: “I was actually taking pictures of a couple of lenticular clouds but it was quite windy and I could see this other shape forming over the house so I kept taking photos – I’m glad I stuck with it.


“I contemplated going in to get my proper camera but I didn’t have time. It disappeared as quickly as it had formed so I got a few shots on my iPhone and then it vanished.

“I take photos of anything out of the ordinary – odd clouds, the northern lights, birds – anything that catches my eye, so to speak, but this was something totally different.

“I’ve taken so many photos of cloud formations over the years but never anything as unusual or as defined as this.

“A couple of people have said it must be Photoshopped because it’s so good but it’s not. That’s exactly how it was. It hasn’t been anywhere near a computer.”