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man vs cow

It was MAN vs COW in the streets of a small town in India.

A cow went berserk and attacked a man in Surat town – leaving him grievously injured.

A chilling video, which was shot on Wednesday, shows the cow repeatedly pinning 38-year-old Dinesh Prajapati against the wall and trying to trample him.

Eyewitnesses said Dinesh was passing by on his bike when the angry cow attacked him.

The unassuming rider was caught by surprise and landed on the ground.

“The cow first attacked his motorcycle and the man fell on the ground. Then the cow started hitting him with its horns,” a local who witnessed the incident said.

Seeing the brutal cow attack, many locals ran toward Dinesh for help but the angry bovine was in no mood to let go.

“The cow kept charging at anyone who tried to come close. It was a precarious situation where the cow had pinned the man against the wall. We thought he was going to die,” an eyewitness said.

In a bid to rescue Dinesh, some people even pelted stones at the cow.

“Some people also threw buckets full of water on the cow to distract it,” he added.

It was after agonisingly long 10 minutes that the cow charged at dozens of people who had gathered near the spot and Dinesh got a ‘chance to run for his life’.

The cow kept charging at people even after Dinesh was safely moved to a hospital. However, it later walked away.