By Liam Bolland

The shocking moment a van drives the wrong way up the A50 has been caught on a dash cam.

Ben Newsome, 25, from Derby, was driving home from work near Lockington, Leicestershire at around 11pm on May 2nd when he saw the vehicle headed in his direction.

Another vehicle had to swerve out of the way, preventing what could have been a severe accident.

Ben said: “I have never seen anyone travel the wrong way on a stretch like this before, although I know there have been accidents here in the past.

“The vehicle in front of me was in a lot of danger, if both vans were travelling faster it definitely would have resulted in a crash.

“I presume the driver must have taken a wrong turn at a junction, which can be seen later on in the video, I have no idea who the driver was but thankfully no one got hurt.”