By James Leese

Life’s a beach for this baby seal who was pictured having fun with its family.The adorable seal pup was spotted puckering up for mum and playing with its siblings during a windy day aa beach in Norfolk.Wildlife photographer, Mark Rowe, visited the beauty spot on November 14 and was delighted to capture the family interacting in their natural habitat.

The 40-year-old from Hampshire, said: “Photographing and filming this grey seal family was a complete joy.Although I’ve seen seals when I was very young, it was a completely different experience watching a very young pup and its family interact.“I spent five to six hours capturing the movements and interactions of these beautiful marine mammals in their natural habitat, they showed really a great deal of care and playfulness towards each other and it felt like a very close-knit team.“On the flip side of this, the mother seal was very keen to force independence upon her pup, she would regularly move away and closer to the water’s edge, whilst keeping a close eye on her pup for safety.“Each and every time, the pup would realise the absence of the mother and after a minute or so, try to move closer, gradually gaining more movement.As the seal pups age they tend to become more confident with play fighting in the water, they didn’t hold back whilst I was filming and put on quite a show with a few bum bites along the way.“It was complete joy to watch.”