Amazing Offbeat
By Taniya Dutta
This is the moment a talented makeup artist transforms herself into her beloved dog using paint, contouring and eyeshadow.
Fiamma Simoni, 22, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a cartoon makeup artist who spends hours to recreate famous characters using her make palate.
She has in the past used her face as a canvas to create popular characters such as Sid from Ice Age, Yoda from Star Wars, E.T the famous alien character and the Avengers fame maverick director Stan Lee.
But Fiamma has stunned her followers on Instagram after sharing her jaw-dropping transformations into her 15-year-old dog Golfo.
She said: “I decided to paint his face because I wanted to share my love for him.
“We named him after the principal character (Tramp) in Lady and the Tramp.
“He is 15 years old, he’s old but really healthy.
Fiamma spent six hours to transform herself into Golfo.
She said: “This makeup is unique, Golfo is unique, and I’m always looking forward to make unique makeup looks.
“I decided to make this little tribute to my buddy which took me around six hours. I used Glow Body Art’s water colour products and some eyeshadows.”
Since posting the picture on her social media account, Fiamma was flooded with compliments with many calling her work “incredible”.
“My followers loved the picture, they know Golfo because I’m always uploading stories of him.
“I think everybody with pets knows the special bond that a person and a pet can develop.”
Fiamma said she was discouraged by her art teacher in primary school.
She learnt makeup and eventually started experimenting with her talent during the pandemic, garnering thousands of followers.
“I started studying makeup in 2018. At the beginning I did social makeups, I didn’t make artistic looks until 2020, during the pandemic.”