By James Leese


photographer has captured a series of beautiful images of vibrant northern lights as they danced around the sky.Brian Matthews, 43, from Durham, took the images of the colourful northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba, in Canada, as they were in the sky above an abandoned rocket silo that was used in the cold war.

Brian said: “I’ve seen the northern lights before but they’re often dim in the sky, but these lights were so bright.“I even put my camera down to watch them dance around the sky.“At one point the whole sky above us was filled with green light.“The northern lights were visible in the sky above an old cold war missile silo that would have been ready for use if the Russian’s attacked.“Now it is abandoned just outside of town and foxes now live in the ruins, with the occasional visit from polar bears and tourists.“The boat in the images is called the Ithaka and was grounded on Hudson bay.“In the winter you can walk over the sea ice to it, but you need to make sure you don’t bump into a polar bear”