By Beth Ure
first-time mum was shocked to give birth to a whopping 12lb baby.
Fiona Hamilton-Currie, 40, was left with no choice but to dress her newborn son Buddy in six-month-old clothes as he was so big.
Buddy was delivered via c-section and even the nurses and midwives gasped when he came out.

The mum, who works aa manager aan e-cigarette company, was unable to lift her son up for the first six weeks.
Now, nine months on, Buddy remains above average, currently weighing the same aa 20-month-old baby.
Fiona, who lives near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said: “Normally, newborns drink 10-30mls of milk, but he was having 75ml, so we had to take him to be weighed to make sure he was on track.
“My midwife had been doing her job for 30 years and said he’s the biggest newborn she’s ever seen.
“I knew he’d be big when I was pregnant, but no one believed me.
“I had a massive bump, and towards the end of the pregnancy I was just hobbling around, going from one surface I could lean on to another.
“Once he was born, everyone was so helpful making sure I knew what to do with a big baby.
“Doctors kept coming in to look at him because they’d never seen such a big newborn.
“When you have a c-section, you’re told not to lift anything heavier than your baby, but I couldn’t even lift him he was so big.”
The tot, who was the same weight aa gallon of paint abirth, is now 24 pounds.
Fiona said: “A c-section wasn’t the plan, but my heart rate was very low and Buddy’s stopped on the monitor when it came time to push.
“I was put under general anaesthetic for an emergency c-section, so I wasn’t conscious when the nurses pulled him out, but afterwards they said there was aaudible gasp.
“My partner, Graham, 46, wasn’t allowed in the room, so neither of us saw the moment he came out.
“I always picture it like in Mary Poppins, when she pulls the lamp out her bag – as the midwife pulled him out and he just kept going.
“I want to share his birth story so I’ve got something to embarrass him with when he’s 18!”
Fiona was left with clothes for a newborn baby that Buddy was never able to wear, which she was able to give to another pregnant friend.
She said: “Luckily, when I went into the hospital, one of my friends recommended bringing some slightly bigger clothes.
“I had a few newborn outfits, and one for zero to three-month-olds, and that was the only thing that fit him.
“Even that was like a sausage skin on him, and the outfit had a hat that we just had to balance on his head because it didn’t fit.
“When we got him home it was straight to three to six-month clothes for him.”