By Cally Brooks

woman whose natural nails measure TWO INCHES claims people “stare and whisper” when she‘s out in public.Hebba Nour El Din, 37, from Copenhagen, Denmark, has been growing her nails out for the last three years.Hebba has managed to grow out her impressive nails by filing them once a month, avoiding water by wearing latex gloves, gently pushing back her cuticles and reapplying a base coat once a week.

But despite loving her long nails, Hebba often finds strangers staring whilst she‘s out in public and is constantly questioned as to whether they are real.Hebba, who works as an extra on TV, explained: “My nails are between 3.3cm and 5.3cm; they all grow at different rates so some are longer than others.“Taking care of my nails is a full time job – it’s a lifestyle choice and something that takes up a lot of time if you choose to do it.“I grew my nails out eight years ago but decided to cut them and have a break and then a few years ago I decided to start again.“From a very young age, I admired long nails and thought they were really elegant and feminine and I feel like all women should have long nails.“I definitely get a lot of reactions when I’m out in publicpeople will stare and whisper amongst themselves and a lot of people will ask me if they’re fake when I’m wearing nail polish.People are impressed by the length of my nails and I always get asked if they break and how I live my life with such long nails.“The nails can be a burden sometimes but there isn’t anything I can’t do – it just might take me longer than someone with normal length nails!”Hebba is a self-taught nail artist and loves growing her nails to increase her canvas space but has a strict self-care regiment to maintain their length.

She added: “Nail art is an extension of myself and my personality and I love expressing myself through colours and using different prints and patterns.“It’s a form of expression and I can’t get enough of it.“I was born with strong nails thanks to my genetics but my biggest advice for anyone wanting to grow their nails out is to avoid water.“I wear latex gloves whenever I’m washing the dishes or coming into contact with water.“After I remove nail polish, I make sure to put on a base coat to act as a protective layer and I file them into the sharp shape that I like.”