By Shuk Yee Tsang

cactus that suddenly grew breasts has been given a stylish wardrobe to protect its modesty.Cactus owner Navar Currier couldn’t believe it when the plant he had owned for three years suddenly sprouted very womanly curves.The 31-year-old carpenter from St. Albans said the plant hasn’t always had such an obvious female shape to it and decided to add a bra to stop passing school children giggling.

Laughing Navar said: “We call her Margaret Prickle-tits.“We didn’t buy it like that.  It grew like that completely on its own over the summer.“Margaret is around four to five years old. When I bought it, it was a standard Mammillaria spinosissima, but for some reason after two years it decided to sprout breasts.”Navar’s sister Vada Currier, 25, decided it was time to give the cactus some modesty and set to work to crochet a bra for their prickly friend.

Navar said: “We were laughing to the point of tears.“I had requested it because over the summer as Margaret grew more and more impressive, I started to feel self-conscious for her because we have a lot of children walk by and pick flowers in our garden.“I felt she needed something appropriate to help keep her decent for the neighbourhood kids and so I asked my sister Vada for help, and she came to the rescue with the most adorable bikini.Vada from Pensacola, Florida, spent two hours on the bra and said: “I had a lot of fun creating it.“The pattern for the top was all made free hand, and the white polka dots were made by knotting some yarn until it was the right size for a dot and threading it through the top.“I only just started crocheting during the pandemic, about a year ago but my mother-in-law is great at crocheting, and she got me started.”Vadar added: “I used pictures for size reference while creating it and then when it was time to put it on, we had to place it carefully over its spikes and avoid getting poked by it.“It went wild on Facebook.  It got a huge response and people loved it.”Navar insists he didn’t do anything to Margaret.He said: “I didn’t do anything to make Margaret start her change, and unfortunately I can’t replicate it either.“It’s truly a one-of-a-kind happy accident and I’m thrilled that this may help bring a smile to people all over the world. We all need this kind of humour right now.”