By Shuk Yee Tsang

These cheeky rhinos would be left red-faced if they realised they were caught on camera as they blocked a road.Wildlife photographer, Mayuresh Hendre, 27, from Mumbai, India, captured the intimate moment between these cheeky rhinos as they hilariously blocked the road of a safari trail for half an hour.Mayuresh took this series of images at Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India, which is one of the best places to see one-horned rhinos in their natural habitat.He said: “While driving through the park, we came across these two mating rhinos in the middle of the road.“I had not seen the mating behaviour of rhinos before, we chanced upon these two male and female rhinos, mating in the middle of the road.They were blocking the safari track for more than half an hour. Safari vehicles on both ends were waiting and tourists were watching the moment with incredible curiosity.“But the pair was unbothered and they continued their mating ritual. Finally, after almost half an hour the couple decided to move inside the grassland and we were able to move from the spot.“Usually rhinos can stay in this position for four to five hours straight. As it was an incredibly rare natural-history moment, I snapped away a few photos of the moment.“I knew that this time of the year was the mating period, but I wasn’t expecting to see it with my own eyes, especially in the middle of a safari track.“When people see these photos they find them hilarious. They think that the one-horned rhinos mating in the middle of the road, unbothered by surrounding tourists in safari vehicles looking on, is quite funny.”