By Shuk Yee Tsang

Adorable images capture the surprising moment a cheetah hugs a photographer.Sasan Amir, 27, was taking pictures aa wildlife sanctuary in South Africa when he noticed a cheetah walking towards him.The pictures show the cheetah rubbing its head against Sasan and eventually sat down next to him.

Sasan, a photographer and filmmaker, said: “I had visited this sanctuary a few times and noticed this cheetah was used to interactions with humans.After a while, the cheetah decided to come over to me as I was setting up my camera which was unexpected.“I slowed down my movements and stood up and looked at the cheetah to show it I was aware that he was coming towards me.“The cheetah was curious and came slowly closer and sniffed me at first, and then began to purr and rub his head against me.“It took a few minutes for me to realise what a once in a lifetime moment that was.”