By William Lailey

These creative twin sisters paint horror-themed portraits on a variety of objects such as saws, machetes, cleavers and axes.

Dagmara Cielecka, and her twin sister, Martyna, from Nottingham, have been painting and drawing since they were toddlers and decided to start focusing on painting horror themes on vintage tools.

The 28-year-old sisters, who are both tattoo artists, say that since they both love horror and anything dark, it occurred to them that painting on such ‘pons’ would complement their artwork best.

The pair mainly paint their horror-themed portraits on saws, cleavers, machetes, billhooks, chainsaws, axes and other vintage tools.

Dagmara said: “We noticed that other artists were painting lettering onto saws so that gave us the idea to paint our style, realism, on vintage tools also.

“We usually choose a character related to the tool, for example, Jason Voorhees on a machete or Leatherface on a chainsaw, but we also just paint anything on anything, as long as it’s horror related.

“To make sure the surface is suitable to paint on we firstly use a wired brush drill to scrape off all the rust we can.

“We then clean the tools with a rust remover and try to remove as much rust as possible. Some are harder to clean than others. After that, we put a rust converter on top which converts any remaining rust into a ready-to-paint surface.

“Lastly, we spray the tools with white spray paint, do a pencil sketch outline and then paint with acrylic paints.”

The pieces take the sisters anywhere over six hours to create depending on the size of the job.

Machete paintings would take them between six to ten hours, whereas bigger paintings on saws can take anywhere between ten to 50 hours.

Dagmara added: “The amount of time it takes us to complete our art just depends on the size and details of the job.

“For example, the Killer Clown on a big saw took 45 hours to complete.

“Horror characters that we have painted so far include Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Edward Scissorhands, The Joker and many more.

“We always did art together at school and always wanted to create together. Since we both have the same style of painting and the same interests, we wanted to join forces and create together at last.

“We have at least 250 tools left in ours and our parents’ shed and have to stop ourselves from buying more. Since the very first lockdown, we became obsessed with collecting tools to use in our work.

“We have painted just under 60 vintage tools so far.

“Every piece is always so different so prices do vary from piece to piece. We have a standard set price for machetes, which is £300.

“But saws vary in price depending on size, the number of characters and details.”


@dagmara_cielecka_art / @martyna-cielecka_art

@dagmara_cielecka_art / @martyna-cielecka_art

@dagmara_cielecka_art / @martyna-cielecka_art

@dagmara_cielecka_art / @martyna-cielecka_art

@dagmara_cielecka_art / @martyna-cielecka_art

@dagmara_cielecka_art / @martyna-cielecka_art

@dagmara_cielecka_art / @martyna-cielecka_art