Life Viral
By Hayley Pugh
A photographer has shared haunting footage and pictures of Chernobyl‘s ghost town as it looks today.
The city of Pripyat, in northern Ukraine, was evacuated after the explosion of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 and despite once being home to nearly 50,000 people, has never been inhabited since.

Urban explorer, Adam Mark, from Denbighshire in Wales, visited the exclusion zone just a few days ago and captured chilling footage of the town – which appears to have been frozen in time.
Haunting snaps include a nursery, with rows of cots, mattresses and dolls still eerily in place, whilst other photographs show thousands of gas masks lying abandoned on the floor and theme park rides which are now being swallowed up by nature.
Everyday objects such as toys, books and medicine bottles can still be seen, as residents were told they would be able to return home in three days, yet 35 years later the Soviet town still lies abandoned.
Adam, 32, said: “You aren’t supposed to go there at all because it‘s just so dangerous. The buildings are unstable and the floors are seriously dodgy.
“Ironically though inside is apparently safer than outside because when the explosion happened everyone was told to shut their windows so I’m told there would be more radiation outside than inside.
It was all pretty eerie and quite sad really. But the most fascinating building for me was the morgue. There were untouched jars full of liquid in there, perfectly preserved.”
Adam arrived at Pripyat with his girlfriend on October 10th and spent six days exploring the forbidden ghost town with an unofficial guide.
During his trip he entered various buildings including the school, leisure centre, cafes, a hospital and the morgue.
Adam, who used to work in security but now explores full-time added: “It was well worth the visit.
“incredible really, absolutely mind blowing.”