Amazing Life
By Jade Culver
This adorable cat is living her best life after her owners sold their home to embark on a wanderlust motorhome lifestyle.
The three-year-old British shorthair called Elsa, loves going on adventures, often the first to run off and explore when her owners arrive at a new location in their motorhome.

Her loving owners, Kate, 50, and Jason Gross, 48, have been travelling with Elsa all over the UK for the last nine months.
Kate, a three-time breast cancer survivor, spent years struggling through gruelling treatments from the age of 32.
So they decided to live life to the max with their furry friend by their side.
She said:  “We didn’t want to be stuck working forever and wanted to be rid of our materialistic lifestyle.
To us, there was no better way to do that, than to sell our house, and go travelling across the world in a motorhome.
“We knew it would be a great experience for Elsa too as she was more of an indoor cat, so life on the road has given her the chance to explore so many places.”
The couple, who both used to work at the same electronics company, finalised the sale on their home in January 2021, selling over 90 per cent of their belongings to live a more simple lifestyle, bringing Elsa along for the journey.
Elsa has been quite the adventurer since embarking on her travels, enjoying walks in her harness and trips in a cat backpack carrier, where she has a window to see the sights.

Kate said: “She absolutely loves the beach, and will run through the sand, although she’s a little scared of seagulls.
“When we went to Dartmoor in Devon, she loved running around and jumping off of the rocks on the Tors.
“She’s so eager to explore new places, she’s such an adventurous cat.
“Recently, I’ve been trying to train her to sit on my SUP board, she doesn’t really like big bodies of water like the sea but enjoys watching fish and birds by lakes and rivers.”
Jason said: “Elsa’s favourite thing to do is stare into hedges.
“We’ll stop off at a new location, and if there is a hedge there, she’ll run out of the motorhome and just stare into it for hours on end. “She’s very curious.
So far, the couple has travelled along the southwest coast stopping at locations such as Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset. They are currently travelling up the east coast through, with plans to travel to Europe in December.
The trio goes everywhere together, much to the delight of passers-by.

Jason said: “Everyone usually does a double-take, as they think she’s a dog because she’s on a lead.
“When actually she’s just a big fluffy cat.
“She really enjoys the attention, but dislikes loud noises, especially from Children.”
Kate added: “We were having lunch at a service once when a number of traffic police cars also pulled in for a break
“They ended up taking pictures of Elsa who was looking at them out of the window of the motorhome.”
As well as being able to explore all of these new places, the spoiled cat gets free rein from the couple’s motorhome and even gets occasional tasty treats from Jason.
Jason adds: “She will sit with us at mealtimes to try and sneak some food away.
“I’ll occasionally give her a little taste, she’s a big fan of cauliflower cheese, steak and will even eat broccoli
Kate said: “Van life means we’re no longer confined to one place.
“We like to spend 3-4 days at a time in different places so we can explore as much as we like.
“Some people have thought we’ve had a midlife crisis when really we’re out here living our best lives.
“We have no regrets, and I feel so lucky to that we don’t have to work, and are able to travel around Europe in our home on wheels.”
The couple uses Instagram to document their travelwith Elsa @forevercopilots.