By Mike Jones
This cheeky elephant decided to crash a tourist’s getaway by DRINKING from the swimming pool.
The elephant took full advantage of the gap in the fence at Kanga Camp, in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, and decided to quench its thirst.

The brilliant pictures were captured by writer and wildlife photographer, Rachel Rebibo, 39, of Paris, France, whilst visiting Zimbabwe last November.
She said: “I was having a drink before dinner when this elephant came up from the pan for a cool drink.
“Being so close to elephants is an incredible inexperience
Although they are used to human beings, they are still wild animals so it’s important to be quiet and never try to touch them or feed them.
“The water in the pool is filtered and treated with UV light which is completely safe for the elephants to drink.
“I felt so bad for the staff member in charge of the pool, since he had just cleaned the mud and refilled the pool from a previous cheeky elephant visit!”