Life Nature

By Hayley Pugh

At more than 14ft high, this little lad’s sunflower is really turning heads.

Tristan Murphy, six, has grown the monster flower at his home in Newquay, Cornwall, and the plant now stands at a whopping 14ft and eight inches from the ground – almost touching the roof of his house.

The schoolboy, who planted the seeds back in April, grew his first sunflower when he was just four-years-old after bringing home a seedling from nursery.

This year he has smashed his previous record of 12ft 10 inches and hopes to one day grow a sunflower which is taller than his house.

Tristan’s mum, Vicky Murphy, said: “Tristan is so proud.

“We started growing sunflowers in 2019 when he brought home a seedling from nursery, it grew, then bloomed and we collected the seeds and have re-planted every year since to keep the cycle going.

“Tristan and I are super proud that we have beaten last years beauty.

“Our challenge every year is to beat the height of the previous year and to hopefully one day, see one go above the house.

“We used farmyard manure and mushroom compost mix. We watered it daily and didn’t feed at all until a bud appeared.

“I was up the ladder every couple of weeks supporting it’s growth up the drainpipe. The neighbours must think I’m crazy.”

Vicky, 39, who is also mum to 12-year-old Rae and 10-year-old Dillon, added: “The boys know I’m sunflower obsessed and they know to keep the football well away.”