By Mikey Jones

These friendly seals certainly aren’t camera shy as they pose and even wink for a lucky photographer.

Dylan DeHaas, 29, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, captured the seals posing underwater.

@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS –

@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS 

He shared adorable images of the seals who appear to be smiling, winking, and even kissing a snorkeller.

Dylan said: “I have been swimming with the seals for five years now.

They recognise me when I get into the water which is on the north coast of Perth.

They are very curious animals but nature but also can be territorial, so I do not recommend swimming with them unless you are experienced.

They are super playful and look like puppy dogs but also have about 18x the bite force of a full-grown rottweiler, so they need
to be treated with respect.

The secret to getting awesome photos is to remain calm and to never chase them.”

@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS – 

@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS – 

@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS –