By Shuk Yee Tsang

Hiding in plain sight this clever critter is a true master of disguise – but can you spot it?

Nestled amongst the crisp brown leaves this Lappet Moth is barely visible thanks to its incredible ability to mimic its natural surroundings.

But photographer, Arkaprava Ghosh, was extremely lucky to spot the camouflaged creature during a walk around Kanha National Park in India.

The 36-year-old from New Delhi said: “I was looking for a particular lizard when I suddenly spotted this species of moth which looks exactly like a dry leaf.

“I managed to photograph this perfect camouflage with the help of an external flash, fitted with a diffuser and a macro lens.

“This was the first time I had seen this moth and could not believe my luck.

“As a naturalist, I know the behaviour of some animals when they camouflage perfectly with their habitat and hide in plain sight but this was something else, something surreal.

“I love photographing this kind of thing and did not waste much time, keeping in mind that I could not disturb the insect at any cost because this would be my only chance to photograph it.

“With this kind of camouflage, I was not sure if I would see it again in my life so I was very cautious with my movements and used a macro lens to try and get as close as possible without disturbing it.

“I remember showing a couple of frames to some of the fellow naturalists and asking them to spot the animal but all of them failed.

“They could not believe their eyes when I pointed it out.”