By Taniya Dutta

This striking set of twins appear to be different races as one is black and the other white.

Makai and Ellion Crane, who are 13 months old, are fraternal twins born to mixed race parents in Vermont, US.

Makai has dark skin, gorgeous thick curly black hair and dark brown eyes, Ellion, who was born almost bald now has light golden locks, with white skin, and initially had grey eyes.

Their parents, mother Leaetta Harris, 29, is Caucasian and African-American while father Lamba Crane, 35, was born in Gabon to an African mother and Caucasian-American father.

Leaetta said, “They definitely look like two different race babies. People always ask if they are twins and then are shocked and confused when we say ‘yes.’

“Some extended family have made joking comments asking if they really have the same dad, which they do.”

Leaetta says she has never seen twinlooking different races when born to mixed race parents and believes their sons are unique.

She added: “We think our kids are very rare. We are very proud to have created such different babies. We have never seen twins like the boys before, only online.

The two or three stories we did read about had different parent combinations than us though.

“All other twinwith different skin colours come from either a full white or black parent or one mixed and one full black parent.”

The twins are also dichorionic diamniotic (di/di) twins which means they shared the womb but had their own placentas and sacs.

They were born via C-section, Makai first and then Ellion, just four minutes apart.

The mum-of-two added:“They are two totally different people with their own personalities. Makai is more outspoken and emotional while Ellion is more laid back and independent. They are learning French.

“Makai is more muscular than Ellion and they have totally different head shapes.

The stay-at-home mom and her partner, who also has a son from a previous relationship, were astonished when she first saw the twins.

Leaetta said: “Twins does not run in either family and they were conceived naturally.

“We were surprised to see that one was way lighter than the other. We expected the babies to have the exact same skin colours as us since we are both mixed.

Their dad had a moment of scepticism at first wondering how it was even possible.

“We thought that they were just light from being inside the womb and that their skin would darken over time but Makai got darker than both of us and Ellion is still just as light.”

The twins have become popular on social media where Leaetta regularly posts their cute pictures on Instagram with a purpose to show people that there are twins like them and that families come in many colours.

As the children look two different races, Leaetta said as mixed raced parents who have faced racism while growing up, she expects the babies to face such tough questions on their skin colour. But says she will teach her sons about racism and prepare them to face any situation in future.

She added: “We absolutely have to teach the babies about racism in the world they live in. There’s just no need for racism- skin can be any colour and it should not matter.

Their father and I have both experienced racism and sadly know it is expected.

“Since Lamba was born in Africa as a half white child he went through a lot of things that most children do not go through. He experienced racism from both Africans and Caucasians so it is extremely important to him that we teach the babies about the subject.”