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By Lucy Harvey

A photographer has captured the dramatic moment a jaguar killed a caiman alligator in Brazil.

Leighton Lum, 33, from Hawaii, US, snapped the dramatic scenes when a jaguar spotted a caiman and went in for the kill.

The photographer witnessed the rare moment in Pantanal, Brazil, earlier this month.

He says that due to the pandemic the river has been quiet, so the animals have had a lot of time to hunt along the banks in peace.

Leighton added: “I was just very fortunate to be able to see one of these kills as sightings like these are few and far between.

“We were the first boat to discover this male jaguar and my guide somehow spotted just his eyes watching us through the trees.

“He hung around for a little while to see if he would move but after 30 minutes of waiting, he did nothing, so we proceeded down the river.

“A few hundred meters away we spotted two caimans on the bank. We turned the corner on the river and just as we made the turn, we heard a huge splash.

“We rushed back about 100 meters to see this big male jaguar with the caiman in his mouth.

“He broke its neck and proceeded to drag it back into the bushes. He disappeared for about ten minutes and came running back out with the caiman.

“Apparently, he had put the carcass down by some hornets who began to sting him, so he rushed back out to the river, so we all got some great looks.

“After the Jaguar had the head nearly severed off, he proceeded to drag it back into another part of the bushes and we never saw him again.”