By Lucy Harvey

Stunning pictures show the moment a photographer captured the Milky Way behind Stonehenge at night.

Sam Binding, 40, from Bristol, visited Stonehenge in Wiltshire on August 13 at night with the goal of capturing the Milky Way behind the famous landmark.

The pictures show Stonehenge glowing as light floods down from the Milky Way with hundreds of stars in the background.

Sam, who also works in marketing and web design, described the pictures as “breathtaking”.

He added: “I wanted to capture the core of the Milky Way behind the famous stones while also hoping to capture some of the Perseids meteor shower.

“I had used a planning app to work out the location of the Milky Way at a precise time so I knew the alignment would be right.

“It’s a very popular spot with photographers and when we arrived, there were already a dozen or so other photographers.

There was an hours gap in the clouds which luckily coincided with the best of the Milky Way – not long after arriving a thin layer of mist started to appear!

There were a couple of photographers within the centre circle who were shining torches.

“When I took my photo, the light from this illuminated the mist in the centre.

There are only a few times a year you can achieve this.

“It is breathtaking watching the sky above and as it gets darker, your eyes become accustomed to the night sky so more and more details reveal themselves.

“Watching meteors streak over the top of Stonehenge was a special moment”.