Amazing Animals Nature

By Lucy Harvey

Watch this adorable moment sea lions play with their reflections in the ocean.

David and Alice Edgar, 32, were swimming with sea lions in Baird Bay, Australia, where a local sea lion colony is often found.

David, an underwater photographer, took the adorable pictures and video showing the sea lions staring at themselves in a mirror that the couple had brought with them.

Alice, who is a diver, can be seen showing the sea lions their reflections.

David explained: “Sea lions act just like puppies – they feed off your energy and love to play with you.

Sea lions are so incredibly acrobatic underwater and can spin around you in seconds.

“I thought it would be fun to see how the sea lions would react to seeing their reflection in the mirror.

“I brought along a hand held mirror.

“The mirror self recognition test is a behavioural technique designed to determine whether an animal has the ability of self recognition.

“Few species have passed the test.

“It didn’t seem like they recognised themselves but regardless, they were clearly intrigued by the shiny object and spent plenty of time coming in for a close up.”