By Alyce Collins

These skydivers aren’t afraid of a challenge, so they were willing to try out a linked exit skydive.

Skydiving instructor Braden Roseborough, 33, from Seattle, Washington, US, was skysurfing with a board strapped to his feet while linking arms with his friend, Nikko.

The jump was a difficult one to master, but the experienced pair were so pleased with how it worked out and couldn’t have imagined it would be so thrilling.

Braden said: “I’m doing what is called skysurfing with a board strapped to my feet.

“We are doing a linked exit and Nikko switches it up to start back flying.

“Everything with this jump went better than we anticipated.

“Neither of us had ever done a linked exit with the sky surf board before so we were really happy with how it turned out.”