By Joseph Broady

This talented lizard can be seen painting, sunbathing, partying and even playing Monopoly.

Louie, the five-year-old bearded dragon, is no stranger to a photoshoot thanks to her owner, Helen Hansen, 28.

Started Louie’s Instagram account in September 2020, and serves as the creative director for the shoots!

Helen said: “Louie is the most chilled lizard you can ever imagine. It’s almost as if she knew she was born to pose because she’s amazing at it.

“I simply place her next to a prop and she doesn’t move.

“I decided to start her Instagram account last September to share some of our photoshoots.

“I first adopted Louie in 2016 from Craigslist, she was malnourished when I first saw her. I knew that I wanted her, so I purchased her and created a habitat for her to get healthy.”

Louie’s name was chosen by Helen when she first adopted her, however over time she came to learn something interesting about her.

Helen added: “Originally, I named her Louie as we thought she was a male but over time came to learn she was in fact a female. I still loved the name though, so I kept it.”

The props and scenery that feature in the photoshoots are all designed by artsy Helen.

“My family have always been super artsy so Its definitely in the family. One Christmas, I was gifted a miniature shopping cart and I used it for the first photoshoot I ever did with Louie.”

“I always loved miniatures as a kid and so I put her next to the cart with some roaches and worms in the cart and that’s where it started.”

The most recent photoshoot was a July 4 spectacular, featuring miniature fireworks, patriotic hats and a pool.

The ideas behind the content can come from all areas of life.

She added: “I sometimes dream of the ideas and that sets off a spark or I will see something and think I can make like a whole photoshoot from that.

“I remember seeing a little cupcake at Walmart and I thought this could be a whole photoshoot. Or I will see miniatures online and try to theme it around them.”

Occasionally, Louie can be seen posing, alongside some lizard friends.

She said: “Louie did have a younger sibling called Luigi who sadly passed away. Ramases is my Panther Chameleon who and has featured on the account in some photoshoots.

“He may become a main feature on the account in the future.”

Some of the other shoots have been playing board games like monopoly and operation, Easter egg hunts and even a painting studio.

She said: “I am hoping to do a camping photoshoot soon, I like the scenery to be realistic and the miniatures to be the correct scale size to look more authentic.”