By Federico Cornetto

An adorable Cornish Rex cat went viral online thanks to his clown-like smile.

Pixel, two, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, has become popular on the Internet thanks to his peculiar looks.

Pixel has very big eyes and looks like he has a little cheeky smile on his face.

Owner Alyson Kalhagen has been taking photos of the unique-looking feline pulling hilarious faces, and the images have gone viral online, gaining Pixel thousands of followers.

Alyson said: “Pixel has always had a clownish personality, he has tons of energy and is very adamant about being involved with anything the family does, whether it’s watching TV or playing fetch.

“I noticed when he was about a year old that he makes some really hilarious faces sometimes, so I started documenting them in my photos online.

“I soon found out that he really enjoys modelling!”

During the past year, Alyson has received messages online from people warning her that Pixel was actually a demon in a cat’s body.

Alyson said: “Some guy claimed he was an exorcist and that Pixel was possessed by a demon, and he was controlling his body with his power.

“I totally ignored that message, Pixel is not possessed, he’s really just a sweet and unique-looking cat, and most people on the Internet seem to think that too.”