By Lucy Harvey

Forget sheep herding, this dog likes to herd dolphins.

Mako, an Australian shepherd and border collie mix, loves to swim and enjoys nothing more than diving into the sea with pods of dolphins near her home in Hawaii.

The three-year-old pup can also often be found barking to try and communicate with marine life, including whales, manta-rays and dolphins.

Owners Kayleigh and Cam Grant run a business called Kaimana Ocean Safari and Mako often tags along in her role as a therapy dog, to help put guests at ease whilst out on the ocean.

As a puppy Mako stepped on board a boat before stepping out onto dry land and has loved the water and marine life ever since.

Kayleigh said: “We used to pick her up and carry her on to the boat before she had all her shots.

“She was on a boat before she was even outside on the ground which is very funny.

“She’s really hyperactive, very aware and very into movements. She likes to bark at the dolphins as they’re kind of popping up all around the boat and she loves to get into the water and try to kind of like herd them.

“Mako is a very very good swimmer, she has swum for over an hour straight before.

“She has probably seen more marine wildlife than most average people will see in their entire lifetime.

“She has swum with or seen many varieties of dolphins, she has seen a shark swim by, she has also seen manta-rays when they’re close to the surface, and she has seen whales, even sperm whales which are very very rare in Hawaii.

“She was also able to see humpback whales during humpback whale season.

“Since she has a lot of that attention to detail she can spot wildlife really well and actually bark and sort of let us know when there’s wildlife.

“I don’t know she thinks if thinks they’re sea dogs or what but she will often swim towards them.

“With certain animals you can not allow her to go in the water, like if there’s sharks around we’re not going to put her in the water, but if there are dolphins around she will jump in.”