Amazing Offbeat

By Federico Cornetto

An artist created a series of incredibly detailed miniature sculptures on the tip of pencils.

Jasenko Dordevic, 38,  became well-known thanks to the amazing sculpture he creates using the lead of pencils.

Jasenko is so skilful that he can turn the tip of pencils into images of superheroes such as Spider-Man or Hulk.

He also makes more abstract sculptures, such as that of a man sitting at the edge of a precipice, titled ‘On the edge’, or a woman holding on to a tiny hand that is coming out of the pencil.

Jasenko, from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, said: “I’m not sure what my favourite sculpture that I have done is.

“There are a lot of sculptures that are important to me, if I should single one out, maybe ‘on the edge’.

“This says that life is fleeting, that we are always on the edge and at any moment the end of life is possible.

“It usually takes five to ten hours to make a rough shape, then a few days for fine details.”