By Leah Fox

A doting mother has created fun-themed breakfasts for her children – made from pancakes and fruit.

Mum-of-three Tavia Sinclair, 31, first started making these elaborate breakfasts when she wanted to introduce them to more kinds of fruit.

Her ideas soon came flooding in and her children Deklan, seven, Laken, six, and Mila two, now enjoy a different colourful plate every morning before school.

From beloved cartoon characters like Tigger and Scooby Doo to real life icons such as artist Bob Ross and actress Marilyn Monroe, Tavia has also wowed her friends, family and the internet with her incredible creations.

Tavia, from Saskatchewan, Canada, said: “Painting and creativity have always been a passion of mine so when I stumbled across the idea of ‘fun food’ I instantly fell in love and knew it was something I needed to do for my kids.

“I first started in 2016 because I just wanted to make some fun-looking plates for my childrens’ breakfasts to get them to eat different varieties of fruits.

“At this point, it’s become much more of a hobby for myself and I really enjoy it.

“I get my inspiration from national holidays, such as national beaver day, or fictional characters that my kids are into. They get really excited about what I’m going to make next for them.

“I think it’s a really nice thing to do for them and it gives them a happy start to the day.”

Tavia spends around 45 minutes whipping up the breakfasts in the morning, using pancakes as a base and topping them with what she has in the fridge.

She said: “I look at a cartoon image of the character or person I want to make and try to recreate it based on the ingredients I have on hand.

“The base is typically a pancake and then I’ll top it with fruits and vegetables so there’s lots of different colours. The opportunities are absolutely endless.

“Some of them take 15 minutes to make, others take an hour but on average it’s about 45 minutes.

“My favourite is the one I created for Cinco De Mayo. I took inspiration from the Disney movie, Coco, and recreated the character Miguel which went down super well.”

After snapping a quick photo of her masterpiece to Instagram, Tavia dishes up the food to her excited children who look forward to their healthy breakfasts every morning.

Tavia added: “People are always so shocked at how I manage to recreate these characters with food. It’s really nice to get such positive comments on my Instagram.

“It’s so rewarding to read back all of the positivity.

“My friends enjoy seeing my creations daily and they get just as excited as my children do!”