Animals Viral

By Lucy Notarantonio

This inseparable cat and dog have gone against the norm by becoming bestie and even walking together.

Three-year-old Cooper, who is a mixed breed rescued dog, is 10 times bigger than Mini, one, the moggy.

But size doesn’t matter for this dynamic duo who can be seen hiking up and down hills with their leads attached.

Their owner, Emily Whetstone, 29, from Providence, US, believes Mini may think she is a dog.

The Mental Health Therapist said: “I started training Mini on a harness from a kitten.

“I had to use a ferret harness at the beginning but she loved it.

“Our first walk as a trio was in the woods and she loved the smells and climbing the rocks.

“We go on simple city park walks, mountains and in fields.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or cold, they still love the great outdoors.

“Cooper’s hikes can go for hours and hours, but Mini’s longest hikes tend to be only two or three hours.

“She only walks about half the time because she loves riding my shoulder like a little parrot.

“Cooper is trained as an off leash dog, but I only allow him off leash if there is absolutely nobody around.

“Mini is always on a leash because I’m not sure where she’d go otherwise likely up into a tree!”

Mini has also learnt how to sit and spin.

She said: “As time goes on, I think Mini has forgotten she is a cat.

“She knows tricks, enjoys walks and even chews on bones.

“She also thinks she is the boss of Cooper.

“Their friendship is just hilarious.

“They love to snuggle and sleep together.

“They love to go on adventures together, but most of all, Mini loves to bother Cooper as much as possible.”

Emily rescued Cooper from a shelter as he was found as a stray in June 2018.

She then decided to get him a friend the following year.

She said: “Cooper was an anxious and scared boy when I first got him.

“Despite settling in well at home, he seemed lonely and I wanted to find him a friend.

“I saw Mini online as she was a sick little kitten so I scooped her up and brought her to the vet.

“They instantly clicked as Cooper is a patient love bug and Mini is a bundle of crazy joy.

“They are the perfect match.”