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By Alex Wilmot

photographer, who crept out of hiding at just the right moment, has captured a majestic owl swooping right towards him.

David Lister, has been following short eared owls for three years, but had trouble getting the perfect shot as couldn’t get close enough to the birds without them hearing him.

The 47-year-old, from Newtown in Wales, eventually found some owls near his home and spent several days trying to get a picture, before finally creeping out from under cover at just the right moment to capture the bird up-close and mid-flight.

David, who works as a plasterer, said: “I’ve been trying to find short eared owls the last three years, they only visit over the short winter months and then fly back to Northern Europe.

“I luckily found a few of them local to where I live, they only hunt at night but sometimes come out late afternoon if there’s little, or no wind.

“I’d been there about 10 times and couldn’t get the right shot or get close enough as their hearing is exceptional.

“As soon as the camera started clicking they would be gone, no matter how hidden I was.

“I waited, and just as the light was fading, another started quartering slowly towards me.

“This time I waited and waited until it was real close, then slowly came out from cover and got the shot.

“It took 10 or so tries over the three winter months until I got that shot I was really hoping for.

“I’ve been doing wildlife photography for six years now and this was one of my best moments.”

@Davidlister1 / CATERS NEWS 

@Davidlister1 / CATERS NEWS 

@Davidlister1 / CATERS NEWS