Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott 

Two impressive space shuttle explorers have been spotted inside an abandoned building.

Pic by Alexander Kunas/Caters News

Alexander Kunas, from Russia, walked 24 miles through the desert to get to Soviet Cosmodrome Baikonur in Kazakstan, just six months ago.

The Buran space programme was shut down in 1993 and the two shuttles pictured here are not the actual Buran shuttle that went into space – they are the test shuttles.

Pic by Alexander Kunas/Caters News 

The actual shuttle was called the Orbiter 1K1 and was crushed and destroyed in the same complex but a different hangar in 2002 – the collapse killed eight workers.

Alexander, a film director, was thrilled once he reached the shuttles and spent three nights sleeping inside the abandoned area.

Alexander, who started photography five years ago, said: “It’s fun to find some places where people can’t get in, it makes my photos unique.

Pic by Alexander Kunas/Caters News

“We walked about over 24 miles through the dessert with huge bags, until we got to the shuttles.

“We were walking the whole night, because the area is still secured, and we didn’t want to be seen during the day on route.

“When we came into the hangar, it was so dark, I couldn’t find the shuttles using my flashlight.

Pic by Alexander Kunas/Caters News

“I thought I’d got the wrong building, but suddenly my spotlight caught the wing of Buran.

“My first thought, when I glance on it was, ‘that’s huge.'”

Alexander has explored other space rocket facilities and warns how sleeping in such buildings can be difficult.

Pic by Alexander Kunas/Caters News

He added: “Despite being alone here, we did not feel that way.

“We didn’t speak much and only whisper if needed.

“We spent three nights on the cosmodrome, and every night we couldn’t sleep as every sound of birds or wind woke me up.

Pic by Alexander Kunas/Caters News

“It felt like sleeping in a house with a ghost, the ghost of USSR.”