By Mikey Jones

A rare luminescent ‘golden’ zebra has been photographed just moments after being born.

The youngster – who appears to be more ‘blonde’ than black and white – was spotted by wildlife photographer, Federico Genovese, who hid in foliage to witness the first precious moments of the newborn’s life.

Federico, 50, originates from Italy but now lives in Kenya and was visiting Lake Naivasha – a freshwater lake near his home – when he spotted the extraordinary ‘glowing’ baby zebra.

He said: “This little zebra was born in the night and suddenly appeared to me from behind the bushes.

“I immediately noticed its luminescent colour and I was impressed by its more intense golden shade of colour than those that I had photographed in the past.

“How rare it is I honestly don’t know, but in the seven years I have been visiting that area it was the first time I had seen one with these colours.

“The little zebra appeared serene and at ease although intent on discovering his new world.”