Offbeat Video
bubble rings

By Ben Walley

This diver has taken blowing bubbles to a new level with his incredible underwater bubble rings.

PIC FROM Adam Stern / Caters News

Record-holding professional freediver Adam Stern, from New South Wales, Australia, filmed the mesmerising video of his bubble-blowing skills during a trip to Malapascua in the Philippines.

As Adam blows out underwater, the bubbles form a perfect ring as they travel through the clear blue water.

PIC FROM Adam Stern / Caters News

Adam, 28, who can dive as far as 104 metres on one breath, said: “Blowing bubble rings is definitely tricky, and can take a long time to learn.

“I had seen friends of mine blow them, so I started doing it myself – practice makes perfect!

PIC FROM Adam Stern / Caters News

“Some aquatic mammals blow bubble rings as well, like dolphins.

“It took me ages to work out, but I just persisted with it.”