Amazing Nature Viral

By Hayley Pugh


Rare pictures have emerged of an elusive white dolphin sporting what appears to be ‘freckles’.

The highly unusual colour of the Risso’s dolphin, dubbed Casper, is thought to be caused by albinism but new images now show the sea creature with what looks like freckles.

Casper was first spotted in Monterey Bay, California in 2014 but has been rarely seen since and is thought to be one of just three Risso’s dolphins in the world with this trait.

He has never been pictured with his eyes open – leading experts to believe he is an albino due to the glare of the sea being too strong for him.

Photographer, Jodi Frediani, captured these astonishingly detailed images during a recent trip with Monterey Bay Whale Watch.

She said: “Folks have said they cannot tell if Casper is leucistic or albino, as we cannot see his eye.

“I’m going with albino, with the eye closed as a clue.

“I’m guessing an albino eye would find the light and ocean glare too much.

“Casper does have a few ‘freckles’ but albinos are not always totally lacking in pigment.

“We saw several grey whales and a pair of humpback whales, who even lunge fed – which is my very favourite thing to see – but Casper definitely stole the show.”