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This is the terrifying moment a group of men managed to shoo away a charging rhino – using only a their voices.

Frank De Beer, 25, was canvassing the Kruger national park, South Africa, when he spotted an enormous rhino stalking their group in the bushes.

Without an easy exit from their location they had no choice but to face the enormous beast head on – and captured the moment they shooed him away.

Charging at the group at speed twice, the rhino was seconds away from coming to blows with the boys until Frank’s cousin, Christopher, shouted stop -and unbelievably, the rhino listened and retreated.

The whole event was caught on camera and shows the incredible moment from start to finish, with Frank, Christopher and their group getting away injury free.

Frank said: “Knowing the body behaviour of rhinos, I had a feeling something like this could happen and was prepared.

“Although it’s not as easy as it looks, it’s all about reading the body language of the animal, a black Rhino is a more aggressive species by nature.

“It’s all about reading the animal’s body language to get yourself out of a potentially dangerous situation.

“Rhinos eye sight is very poor and they rely more on their good hearing and smell, these animals can charge out of fear as a warning like what happened here.

“Getting yourself into a safe position is important, so tucking behind fallen trees or termite mounds work well.

“If a charge happens making your presence known by lifting up the ‘Kierrie’ stick and being vocal will generally deter the charge from becoming dangerous.

“It’s definitely a combination of technique and animal knowledge.”

Frank explained that a moment like this isn’t an everyday occurrence and the rhino will have just been warning them to leave its territory.

He added: “After a moment like this you get a huge rush of adrenaline and relief.

“It makes you feel small in a vast open wilderness environment where potentially dangerous animals roam freely.”