By Jasmine Kazlauskas


These heart-warming photographs of an adorable baby kangaroo who just wants to cuddle with his mum have melted around the world.

The touching moment was captured by Leah-Anne Thompson, 52, while on a trip in Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia, late last month [19 JAN].

The heath care worker said she was amazed at the humanlike affection displayed between the mother and her child – and was lucky enough to snap the special moment on camera.

The tender moment has since touched people from all corners of the globe, with the series of photographs racking up hundreds of likes and plenty of adoring comments on social media.

Leah said: “Photography started as a hobby as young adult, and still remains a great love and passion of mine.

“While on a recent trip to the South Coast of New South Wales we had a stop in Bateman’s Bay.

“I noticed these kangaroos still out feeding on the grass in the early morning. I had a telephoto zoom lens, so was at a comfortable distance from them.

“A couple of minutes later, the little joey came up to the mother kangaroo and she hugged her joey. I quickly took pictures of the tender moment happening before my eyes.

“It was beautiful to witness the love of the mother and her joey.

“When I looked at the pictures it was easy to see the expression and emotion displayed, caught as a timeless memory.

“As a lover of nature, wildlife and animals it is always a pleasure to be able to photograph them in their natural environments.

“The response I had to these images from people online has been comments such as ‘too cute’, ‘seriously adorable’, gorgeous’ and ‘that’s love’.

“I love our unique Australian wildlife and feel blessed to have had this experience.”