Offbeat Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto and Jack Mobley


A talented dance group has performed a mesmerising synchronised routine using just their hands.

Jessica Demaria, Lorenzo Piantoni, Riccardo Marano, David Sala, Fabiano Paglieri and Leonardo Sigona, from Imperia, Italy, are the members of a hip-hop dance crew known as Urban Theory.

On September 7, a video of the dancers performing a synchronised hand routine at the sound of Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca was posted online where it went viral with tens of millions of views.

The artists wore gloves that were white on the palm and black on the back and resembled a piano’s keys, and moved their hands very swiftly in a hypnotising display.

One user commented on the video, saying: “Hypnotising, and very clever.”

Another one said: “I wouldn’t even be able to comprehend doing this.”