Animals Video

By Jamie Smith


This is the astounding moment a diver swims into a vortex of thousands of fish.

Photographer, Alex Voyer shot the remarkable images while swimming in the Ecuador sea.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News 

Free diver, Gianno Haro, can be seen swimming towards the gigantic school of fish in the sea of the Galápagos Islands.

The fish are majestically swimming around while synchronising with each other.

The diver bravely swims into it despite it looking like a black hole.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News

Alex said: “The free diver, Gianna, swam towards the black hole of fish.

“He only wore a simple wetsuit, and did not use an air tank.

“He didn’t want to scare the animals and marine mammals.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News 

“It’s the most beautiful way to find marine life encounters!

“Galapagos is an amazing place for scuba diving and free diving.

“Gianna swam in the most gigantic school of fish, it was mesmerising.”