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By Jasmine Kazlauskas


A bunny who was rescued from the streets has gone from rags to riches and is now living the high life with her very own bedroom, wardrobe, car and pram.


While it is hard to believe by looking at her now, just one year ago adorable bunny Daisy was in terrible shape after she ran away from allegedly cruel owners and was left to fend for herself.


With dirty matted fur and black stained feet from being stuck in a cage, the poor thing had not much left to live for – but luckily, was rescued by her forever mum Deanne Caruana who said she ‘fell in love’ with Daisy at first sight.


The 52-year-old from Sydney, Australia, vowed to give her the best life possible – and has certainly lived up to that promise, with Daisy now living a luxurious and lavish lifestyle.


The one-year-old English Angora rabbit has truly gone from ‘rags to riches’ and now could be one of the most spoilt bunnies in the world with her very own bedroom, wardrobe full of outfits, toy car and even a pram for going on daily walks.


Sales representative Deanne said: “Daisy came into my life after I got a call from the rabbit sanctuary I volunteer for that a bunny needed a forever home.


“She was found wandering the streets of Sydney in terrible shape. She had dirty matted fur and her feet were black with urine stains, which means she was likely locked in a cage.


“I think she might have been part of a litter ready to sell from a bad breeder. She thought ‘I’m not putting up with this crap’ and decided to run away


“We did advertise to see if anyone had lost a bunny, but got no responses.


“She was only about 8 weeks old and was such a cute little ball of fluff. The moment I saw her, I knew she was mine and I fell in love with her instantly.


“I knew from that point on she would never be caged again and would have the best of everything.


“She has her own bedroom and home-made castle bed to sleep in, a pram for walks, her own wardrobe full of special clothes and even a toy jeep she loves to play in.


“She Is certainly a very well-loved and spoilt bunny and just might be the most spoilt in Australia.

“I have probably spent a couple of thousand on her since she came into my life, but I never think about the money. It is just what’s best for my girl.”


Kind-hearted Deanne said she loved having a bunny so much that she decided to adopt two more – and now Daisy graciously shares her bedroom with rabbit-siblings Lucy and Ozzy.


Talented Daisy has even acted in a feature film that is set to be released later this year, after being represented by Animal Extras Talent Agency – further elevating her celebrity status and luxurious lifestyle.


Now Deanne is sharing her special girl’s ‘rags to riches’ story in the hopes to raise awareness about bunny adoption and to show people how much joy they can bring.


She said: “I am so happy that Daisy came into my life, I think our paths were meant to cross.


“I absolutely love her calm sweet personality her easy-going attitude.


“She’s just so easy to do anything with and absolutely loves being around me and has the sweetest nature that all who meet her adore.


There is so much more to bunnies then people know. People ignore bunnies and keep them in hutches that are too small just because they don’t have a voice.


“There is so many sad bunnies out there. don’t make any sounds they have no voice unless they are in extreme pain or extremely scared.


“They are no different to dogs or cats. I would recommend for anyone to rescue a bunny, you’ll never regret the happiness they bring into your life.”