Amazing Life Video

By William Lailey


Two DIY parents have transformed an old organ into a musical bar for just £100.

James Bensley, 40, and his fiancé is Gemma Love 39, from Bardney, Lincs, completed the project in just seven days [June 1-7].

The couple, who have three children, took inspiration from a piano bar at a local shop but the pair couldn’t afford the £2k price tag.

So they decided to create their own version using an organ they’d purchased two years ago for £53.

The response to their finished project – which includes a Bluetooth speaker under the keys and lights – has overwhelmed the couple as their online post now has over 3000 likes.

James, a retail manager, said: “During the lockdown we have been working on our garden and decided that an outside piano bar would finish it off nicely.

“We were so pleased with it that Gemma decided to put it on a Facebook group for budget DIY enthusiasts, the response was tremendous and the piano bar received over 3000 likes!”

But James admits it isn’t for the fainthearted as you have to be careful not to ruin any original features.

He added: “The first job was to decide what original features we wanted to preserve as I wanted to be able to tell what it used to be, so when I was deconstructing it I had to be very careful not to damage these pieces.

“The keys, the original lid, which is now the back, the mirrors as they have a lovely patina and the organ stops.

“Getting through the mechanical parts can be tricky and if you want one thing off you often have to remove five other things first!

“Over a hundred screws were removed along with all the internal workings.

“After it had been stripped down I made space for and installed a wine rack where the pedals used to be in the bottom of the organ.

“After that it was preparing for the bar top, so stripping out most of the inside but leaving enough support for the bar,  which I made out of floor boards.

“Next filling and sanding, lots of filling and sanding! At this point I installed the Bluetooth speaker, behind the keys, and the lights on the underside of the top.

“After all the bits were back on and the holes made good it was painting time! We had settled on a darker colour and settled on sapphire salute which turns out is exactly the same colour as the Tardis!

“Our children Leia, two, Lucas, eight, and Isaac, 13, think it’s cool and want us to keep it.”